July 22, 2016

Recommended Books to Help Yourself -1

Here is a list of books that I have found incredibly helpful. Some were a harder read, meaning it took me longer to get through the book. I had to stop reading because of all the reflection that came up for me.

being you changing the world This is one of my favorite books. Open it somewhere and you have the thought you need for the day.

divorceless relationships  How much do we ‘divorce’ ourselves when we get in relationship? is a question this book deals with.

money is not theproblem  This is a book that looks at our ability and willingness to really receive. If you would like to change something in regards to the amount of money you currently make, this is a book that can change it for you. There is also information in the post Creating Wealth.

beyond the utopian ideal  This is a book that can your make life easier. It talks about the effects on us when we subscribe to ideals that are not attainable. It looks at belief systems in our societies that tell us how life is supposed to be; only is life that way or do we experience it differently.

thetenkeystototalfreedom  This one is truly a game changer. What does it take to be free of all the limits we impose on ourselves? What behaviors doe we have that are not helpful? How much do we judge ourselves for it? How much freedom could we have if we stop judging ourselves?


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It is fun for me to update this site, to comment about new products and services, to find ones that have that unique element to them. What would it create for you to find those special products like a book that answers questions you've been asking or that service that empowers you to find out about your own greatness? How much could using what is on this site expand your life? Enjoy browsing!

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