July 28, 2016

Parenting Books

Print   this book looks at parenting from a completely different angle. There is not a right / correct way to parent. What if parents empower their kids, allow them to make their own experiences? How might that be different from “controlling” the kids? How might the kids respond in a different way? Find out by reading the book.

consciousparentsconsciouskids   This book is a collection of narratives from children immersed in living with conscious awareness. Because ‘Conscious Parents Conscious Kids’, is dedicated to kids, it also features inspiration and help tips for kids from kids.


Every so often, there is a parenting class offered by an Access Consciousness facilitator. Check out if there is one, and when and where.


It is fun for me to update this site, to comment about new products and services, to find ones that have that unique element to them. What would it create for you to find those special products like a book that answers questions you've been asking or that service that empowers you to find out about your own greatness? How much could using what is on this site expand your life? Enjoy browsing!

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