July 25, 2016

Business Books

Here are some books that look at business from an unusual perspective. To me, it seems to be one, in light of the current economy, to at least be familiar with.

leading_from_the_edge  I have the original version ‘No More Business as Usual’. It was quite an interesting lead giving me the awareness why big companies like Kodak as a sudden went under, meaning they lost their dominance in the field or completely disappeared. Being aware of what is out there in the field is crucial. Ignoring it comes at a high price. This does not only go for the big ones, but also for small businesses.


joyofbusiness  Another unique one. The author says, if it’s not fun, why do it? Is business fun for you or work/labor. Any way, it might be a great, informative read. This is a book, I pull out and just open when I feel stuck in my business.

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It is fun for me to update this site, to comment about new products and services, to find ones that have that unique element to them. What would it create for you to find those special products like a book that answers questions you've been asking or that service that empowers you to find out about your own greatness? How much could using what is on this site expand your life? Enjoy browsing!

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