July 22, 2016

Books on Leadership

There is leadership and then there is Leadership. The latter is a new form of it which has become a global movement. The aim of this style of leadership is to create sustainability. Here are some books to get you started.

  This is a relatively easy read for the amount of information it contains. Would you like to generate possibilities that create more in business, in people’s lives and on the planet? This new style of leadership can be applied in a business setting and in a personal setting. What if we all become leaders in our own lives?

conscious_leadership  This one is drier and it has some incredible chapters that, if applied to a business setting, can make a great difference on how the business works.



It is fun for me to update this site, to comment about new products and services, to find ones that have that unique element to them. What would it create for you to find those special products like a book that answers questions you've been asking or that service that empowers you to find out about your own greatness? How much could using what is on this site expand your life? Enjoy browsing!

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